Minecraft Vault Setup

Last Edit: 2024.02.09

Debian / Ubuntu


Setup the Vault plugin on a PaperMC Minecraft server.


Plugin Setup

Download and Install the Vault plugin.

Download Vault

Download Vault from GitHub using wget. The following command will save the file to the /tmp directory.

wget https://github.com/MilkBowl/Vault/releases/download/1.7.3/Vault.jar --directory-prefix /tmp

Install Vault

On the Minecraft server, copy the plugin file to the plugins directory within the Minecraft server directory.

cp /tmp/Vault.jar /opt/minecraft/server/plugins/

Modify the file permissions as required.

chown minecraft:minecraft /opt/minecraft/server/plugins/Vault.jar
chmod 640 /opt/minecraft/server/plugins/Vault.jar

Restart Minecraft to generate the configuration files for Vault.

sudo systemctl stop minecraft && sudo systemctl start minecraft

Configure Vault

Vault does not require any configuration to function fully, it works right out of the box. The configuration file, controlling only update notifications, can be found in the created Vault plugin directory.

nano /opt/minecraft/server/plugins/Vault/config.yml

The update check will keep operators notified about new releases of Vault. Vault is a stable plugin and will not receive updates often.

update-check: true


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