TrueNAS and TrueCharts setup documentation.

  TrueNAS Scale Setup

Intiial TrueNAS Scale setup, post-installation.

  TrueNAS Scale Storage

Manage, create, and utilize storage in TrueNAS Scale.

  TrueCharts Setup

Setup the TrueCharts application catalog and install required applications on TrueNAS Scale.

  Certificate Setup

Certificate setup for ingress using TrueNAS and TrueCharts.

  MetalLB Setup

Install the MetalLB application using TrueCharts and configure it as the system load balancer.

  Traefik Setup

Setup Traefik, with TrueCharts, and configure ingress on TrueNAS Scale.

  LLDAP Setup

Setup the TrueCharts LLDAP application on TrueNAS Scale.

  Authelia Setup

Setup the TrueCharts Authelia application, and connect it to LDAP, on TrueNAS Scale.

  HeavyScript Setup

HeavyScript installation and setup for TrueNAS management.